Crux Quality Solutions To Exhibit At The 55th Annual AAPM Conference In Washington D.C.

Crux Quality Solutions To Exhibit At The 55th Annual AAPM Conference In Washington D.C.

crux-aapm„We are extremely excited and proud to be demonstrating our newest software products at this years AAPM Annual Meeting,“ said Dharanipathy Rangaraj, Ph.D., CruxQS‘ Founder & President.  „The reception to FlowBoard™ and Equate™ has been great so far, and we look forward to both products public release.“

FlowBoard™ is a cloud and on-site server based software solution that focuses on human factors to ensure safety, quality, and compliance. Utilizing technology specifically developed to improve the effectiveness for „the right thing to happen naturally,“ FlowBoard™ takes your current task based processes and simplifies them. Process views rather than functional views, color coded visuals, automated communication instead of sticky notes, pages, and phone calls. The process flow analytics allow the team to easily access metrics that will help implement and measure process change, providing efficiency through simplification.

Equate™ delivers cloud-based tools developed to streamline tasks in the clinical environment.  Based on a fundamental understanding of the clinical workflow, the system offers a single platform tailored to schedule and document QA activities for easy access resulting in increased efficiency and guaranteed compliance with industry standards. Enterprise level management features provide relevant information for all team members across services and locations.

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