ScandiDos Unveils Delta4 Synthesis at ASTRO Annual Meeting in Boston

Datei-26.09.16-08-53-59ScandiDos, a world leader in Quality Assurance (QA) and dosimetry for modern radiation therapy, unveils the world’s first and only Non-Extrapolated Radiation Accuracy Measurement (NERAM) system, Delta4 Synthesis and Express Measure, at the Annual Meeting for the American Society for Radiation Oncology on September 25-27 at the Boston Convention and Exhibition Center. Delta4 Synthesis combines Delta4 Phantom+ and Delta4 Discover, FDA 510(k) cleared individual QA solutions, into the most comprehensive QA system available, ensuring maximum patient safety and dose verification accuracy while giving clinics the flexibility to streamline and optimize their QA workflow. While other technologies use mathematical extrapolations combining both independent and therapy system log data to achieve QA, Delta4 Phantom+ and Delta4 Discover provide complete and exact independent measurements. “Express Measure,” a feature of Delta4 Discover, is the first in-vivo dosimetry system that independently verifies Machine Output, Gantry Angle, Collimator Angle, MLC (Multileaf Collimator) and Patient Position for all fractions of complex radiation therapies, expediting QA workflow. “We are pleased to introduce Delta4 Synthesis to the attendees at ASTRO,” commented ScandiDos CEO Görgen Nilsson. “Our system addresses the principal needs of our stakeholders by saving treatment set-up and clinic preparation time for physicists and providing radiologists with the assurance of the delivered dose, from prescription to final fraction, ultimately providing the most accurate plan verification and QA.”

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