Elekta to highlight High Definition Dynamic Radiosurgery solutions for faster, more precise stereotactic treatments at ASTRO Annual Meeting

At the American Society for Radiation Oncology (ASTRO) Annual Meeting, September 25-28 in Boston, Elekta will showcases HD Dynamic Radiosurgery, a unique capability, leveraging the core strengths of Versa HD linear accelerator and Monaco treatment planning system.

Versa HD combines High Definition Dynamic Radiosurgery treatment capabilities and precision radiotherapy in a single platform. Equipped with sophisticated full-field, high definition beam-shaping technology and High Dose Rate mode, Versa HD offers the precision and speed necessary to deliver versatile stereotactic treatments throughout the body. Monaco powers more efficient high definition planning with true Monte Carlo accuracy and advanced multi-criterial optimization.

The powerful combination of Versa HD and Monaco enables more modulation in a single arc with 1,024 dynamic control points enabling delivery of highly-conformal stereotactic radiosurgery and stereotactic body radiotherapy treatments within standard treatment slots, irrespective of complexity or anatomy.

Visitors to Elekta booth #7017 also will have an opportunity to learn more about:

MOSAIQ Oncology Analytics, a knowledge management solution that unlocks data into actionable information to enable continuous improvement of clinical, operational and financial performance.

Leksell Gamma Knife Icon, the latest technological advance in Elekta’s Gamma Knife gold standard radiosurgery platform, enables precision cranial radiosurgery with online dose adaptation. Featuring sophisticated imaging and motion management technologies, Icon is making cranial radiosurgery available to more patients by offering frameless fractionated treatments with similar accuracy as frame-based single-session radiosurgery.

Venezia, Elekta’s new gynecological applicator provides a new option for treating advanced-stage cervical cancer. Designed to support the recommendations for 3D image-guided adaptive brachytherapy for locally advanced cervical cancer, Venezia uniquely allows clinicians to treat IIIA and IIIB tumors in the cervix, parametrium and vaginal extensions through a combination of straight and oblique needles with consistent and reproducible needle placement.

Advanced imaging and motion management solutions, which allow more focused guidance for precise dose targeting and critical structure avoidance. XVI 4D reduces margins with online automated motion guidance and increases precision through critical structure avoidance. Clarity Autoscan delivers precise intra-fraction motion management for prostate featuring continuous soft-tissue imaging.
“We believe that our innovative offerings in oncology informatics and image-guided treatment solutions will positively impact the management of cancer and neurological disease,” said Richard Hausmann, PhD, President and CEO. “Through our solutions, services and support, we provide our customers with the tools to focus where it matters, improving efficiency, quality and patient outcomes.”

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